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About BentoBox

BentoBox is a platform that builds beautiful, mobile-friendly websites for restaurants using a hospitality-focused management system to help restaurant owners drive revenue and customers. Their service helps restaurant owners turn their website into a digital storefront for online ordering, catering, gift cards, events, and more.



User Experience Design

UI Design

Design System

My Role

During my internship at Happy Cog, I joined BentoBox's design team. I Build the design system for BentoBox's official website including typeface style, color style, and component style. I also participated in BentoBox's website and app design from wireframes to high fidelity interface design.

The Challenge

BentoBox needs a well-organized website to show its customers that its service and plans are capable of driving restaurants more revenue and customers.

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Design Solution
Main Pages

"Home", "Why BentoBox", "Service", and "Pricing" pages are the most important ones for BentoBox to show their feature. I designed those pages by using themed patterns, a united layout, and concise words to navigate users in an easy-to-understand way. 



Why Bentobox

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BLOG + component guide
BLOG + component guide

BentoBox has a Blog page that provides resources to help restaurant owners get the latest tips, guides, and stories from other dedicated restaurant professionals

Blog main page


Landing page component

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CTA componant

Design System

BentoBox didn't have a design system before. While designing the new system for BentoBox, I also collaborate with the development team at Happy Cog, to make sure the system is viable for development.

Project Takeaways

Working with designers in agency

This was my first project when I was in Happy Cog. Working with designers in a design agency is definitely a great experience for me to practice my interface design skill. I learned a lot from my mentor and I was happy that I got to work on such a cool project! 

Design and development

As it's a project designed to be developed, we work closely with developers in the company. When I was doing school projects, our projects usually do not consider how to implement the design cuz we don't have a developer in our teams, but in this project, all the design details will be turned into reality through the work of the developers. I learned to pay more attention to every design detail, learned to design strictly following the design system, and learned how to design with constraints.



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