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Happy Cog Team


2022.05 - 2021.08

About Addie's

Addie's is a people-powered, tech-enabled, drive-up grocer. For suburban families who are time-starved, Addie's provides grocery pickup convenience without compromise to give these families back the time and energy for what matters most in their lives.

My Impact

* Collaborated with a multidisciplinary UX, product management, and engineering team to deliver thoughtful and polished design work. 

* Produced clickable prototypes, design layouts, and interface design iterations for Addie's mobile application and website.

Initial Research

Interview with 10+ international students -- Affinity Map

As we focused on the problem space of the "deciding" part of one's cooking journey, there are a number of factors can take into account. Preference, time, budget, culture, ingredients, and culinary skills all play critical roles in deciding what food to prepare. Thus, we send out a survey and did 10+ interviews with international students in the US. Then we categorized the information in order to see clear insights.

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Research Insights
HMW Statement Iteration

Asking a good HMW question is crucial to how viable the solution will end up. To get a good HMW, we tried iterating our mission statements by asking why and what's stopping users now for each. It's really helpful statics for designers to think outside of the box. It ultimately led us to add an emotional layer of tackling "homesickness", which gave us a chance to meet users’ needs with our solution truly.

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Problem Statement

Thus, with carefully consideration, we decided that our mission is:

How might we help international students reduce homesickness through their meals and find the recipes for them?

Financial Behavior 

Research Finding

How do they handle their money? Without access to traditional banking services, research shows that financially underserved customers spent $189 billion annually in fees and interest. That said, Black and Latinx households are two times more likely to have used these services as compared to white households.

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Key Insight

The majority of people from people of color low-income communities use financial services that don't build their credit and cost them more money.


Research Finding - why don't people use traditional banking services?

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Why does it matter?

Research Finding

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Own a house

Why does developing an innovative fintech product matter for our users?.  From our interviews, our users' long-term financial goals are to own a house, get a better car or even start a business. All of these goals require a good credit score. we decided that our focus is “How might we help low-income people of color build or improve their credit scores so that they can plan and make progress towards their long-term financial goals?”


Get a better car


Start a business


Design Process

To truly understand our focus, we choose Keira as a representation of our target users.

Competitive Analysis

Design Process

With a clear understanding of our target users, finding a marketplace for our product is essential. This is a competitive analysis focused on financial planning products and services. we focus on accessibility and personalized financial literacy education.


Accessibility means that if people can easily access financial services or products. For example, if the service provides multiple languages without any jargon and terminology that is difficult to understand, or they ask for fewer identification requirements like Social Security Number.


Personalized financial literacy Education means how personalized the app can be, depending on people's current situation. We did this analysis to determine what the financial services have done even though they do not target only low-income people of color.


Based on the chart, we do find that there is space for a financial products that focus on accessibility and personalized financial literacy education to help users build or improve their credit scores.

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Design Process

After we decided on our focus, we brainstormed some potential features based on the problems and user needs we have found, including how to sign up; how to make a personalized plan; how users can engaged in the online community forum; how can we provide financial resources.

Co-design Workshop

Design Process

After brainstorming the key features, we hosted a co-design workshop with 4 target users remotely. The goal is to bridge the gap between the current financial tools & services and low-income individuals. Also to understand their relevant experiences and thoughts. Each session lasts around 30 mins,  using tools like Miro and markers & pens. Co-design workshop helped us narrow down the key features of the application and make the application design speaks more about our target user group.

Co-design workshop.png

Design Process

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Design System
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Takeaways & Next Steps
Challenge in user interviews

During our interview sessions, some users constantly gave us very positive feedback when we presented our potential feature idea and design. It almost felt like they told us things they thought we wanted to hear. It was a challenge for our team, to get honest feedback and thought from them. 

Challenge in defining project scope

We took a while to define the project scope. It was really helpful for me to layout the whole user journey (from user's current financial standing to where they want to be in the next 5-10 years) and see what would be the first step we can help them in the journey.

Future Improvement: a new product name

Our product name - "Finana" was inspired by one of our co-design workshops with one of our users. However, after the final presentation, we received feedback saying that it might not be appropriate to use a banana to symbolize a product directed towards the African American community. Therefore, even though it's unintentional, it's important not to cause any confusion or misunderstanding.

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