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What do I read daily?


I have had the Medium app on my phone for years, I found it is a really helpful platform for product designers to read as a daily inspo. The articles are normally short form, from 1 to 10 minutes read, so I always love to read something on Medium when I am in the subway or in a cafe waiting for friends.


Those are some of the channels on Medium I followed, they consistently gave me a lot of knowledge and interesting aspect through the journey I transit to be a product designer.

I'm a fan of Figma plugins

As a product designer, Figma is the app that I spend most of my time on a day, even more than any social media app. While practicing my user interface design skills, I explored a lot in the Figma community. I sincerely recommended those plugins, it will make every designer's life easier!


Browsing, browsing, browsing

Just some websites that I want to share. Never stop browsing and explore new stuff as a designer!

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